Any traveller who has arrived home to the dreadful smell of a freezer full of rotting food knows why electricity blackouts are a real worry. This can occur through a widespread blackout ( which continue to increase in frequency, duration and numbers of affected homes), or as specific as the safety switch on your freezer’s circuit being tripped.

An even more worrying problem exists if you are unaware the power supply is restored after the food in your freezer thaws, and then refreezes.

In an effort to provide increased peace of mind for my Clients, most of whom are regular travellers, I committed to find a solution to their worries about electricity blackouts while they are away. Even if I were checking my Client’s home every day, I hoped there was low-cost technology available that provided 24hr/365 day monitoring of their power supply.

The great news is I have found the solution – and it was very close to home!

NoPowerTXT is an affordable remote power monitoring system developed by Ian Sargent, a successful Adelaide entrepreneur I’ve known for many years.

Have a look at the NoPowerTXT website for more details. I’ve tested this system at home for months (and a couple of blackouts) and recommend it highly – for both your principal home, and for those with a holiday home or a boat in a marina ( Ian’s original motivation to create the system).

To ensure full disclosure, I am so convinced of the value of NoPowerTXT that I am assisting Ian with its marketing, and would be very happy to demonstrate my system in your home at any time convenient to you.

As added value, if you invest in your peace of mind via NoPowerTXT, I’m happy to receive any text notifications of power outages that occur when you are away, and I’ve negotiated an exclusive pricing arrangement for 1- Call Clients.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Cheers.   Graeme.