Business Opportunity as Foundation Area Partners

Is this you?

  • Mature, trustworthy, well-organised and inclined to help others
  • Looking for a source of income, either to replace your current full time employment or to top up other income in semi-retirement
  • Enjoy travel, keen gardener and genuinely interested in pets
  • Looking for a Lifestyle Business where you select your Clients and the level of time commitment which still allows time for other interests
  • Enjoy making a difference in the lives of other families in your neighbourhood
  • Ideally a healthy, active couple enjoying your stage of life beyond time-consuming family commitments
  • Preferably long term suburban residents where your neighbours are likely to be regular travellers who can afford to have their home taken care of while they are away

If this sounds like you, 1-Call has a genuine “ground floor” opportunity which will allow you to take advantage of your experience and life skills and earn an income level which your effort and time commitment will determine.

Most Important: The one thing we will never compromise on is the obligation to our Clients of absolute confidentiality regarding every aspect of their home and personal and business circumstances. If discretion is not your strong point, this opportunity is not right for you.

The 1-Call business model revolves around our Area Partners servicing Clients within a 2-5km radius of their home, mainly within walking distance. We have proven the concept in the market testing around our home and are now looking to replicate our experience Australia wide.

We regard our Area Partners as our internal Clients as well as our business partners.

Relative to other business opportunities or franchises you may be considering, 1-Call requires no facilities or equipment – so zero up front investment and ongoing maintenance for facilities or equipment – other than a mobile phone and computer you probably already own. And because 1-Call is at the “ground floor” stage of development, Foundation Area Partners don’t pay the substantial ingoing fee to get started, as required for lawn mowing rounds and similar. We will require you to undertake a series of Business Coaching sessions, which will fully explain the initiatives recommended to successfully launch your independent 1-Call business. These Coaching sessions involve the payment of a moderate monthly fee for an agreed period..

The other major difference with 1-Call is the variety of the services we provide our Clients and the lack of debt and cash flow problems. No repetitive mind-numbing work, our services are mainly the tasks you currently take care of at your home but with a thinking person’s client service mentality.

That’s the basis of our slogan “Trust 1-Call to think of it”.

To be fair, the other side of the “ground floor” coin is we are still developing our support systems and the contribution of our Foundation Area Partners will be highly valued. We are hoping to connect with people who are excited by that need for creativity and flexibility.

The other non-negotiables are an ABN, a Police Check and personal references.

If this still sounds like you, we need to talk soon. Please kick us off by providing a brief summary via email of your current work situation and home location.