Corporate Services

The conflicting priorities of responsibilities at home versus work are of increasing concern to today’s business executives.

It is particularly difficult for the travelling executive to focus on vital work issues, when the arrangements for taking care of things at home are not in trusted, professional hands.

This concern is more relevant for frequent business travellers and those who are confronted with an unplanned need to “hop on a plane” quickly.

1-Call have a solution – in fact the choice of several:

  • For the frequent business traveller the opportunity to access the services of 1-Call, perhaps via salary sacrifice, will achieve a very comforting “tick in the box” for home security, transport to and from the airport, pets, garden, someone at home for that important delivery
  • Next time the discussion on what to provide for staff incentives comes up, how about 1-Call Corporate Vouchers – which can be exchanged for Holiday Arrangements or Concierge services. Everyone takes holidays. Everyone has commitments at home

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