Home security while travelling must be an important part of planning any holiday, regardless of duration or destination.

Increasingly the cause of home security issues is in the hands of the travellers themselves.

This topic has been aired many times, but a recent problem for one of our Clients prompted the need to issue this warning again.

While it is tempting to post all your holiday snaps to your Social Media while you are enjoying your extended holiday, and posting about what’s next on your itinerary, please consider that you are not only providing this information about your unattended home to all your friends and family, but also to all their friends and then to friends of friends.

Before you, or any family member with you, hits the Post button, stop and think about the home security implications.

It can’t be a surprise if eventually the fact your home is currently empty, and will be for another two weeks, falls into the hands of someone who takes advantage of that opportunity. The result may be as minor as a few uninvited guests enjoying your pool on a balmy night, but we have been involved in detecting problems for some of our Clients which had far more serious consequences.

Also, don’t forget to raise this topic, and establish very firm rules, with any Social Media savvy young people travelling with you.

If you see the stupidity with erecting a neon sign in your front garden telling passers-by your home is currently empty and will be for a while longer, surely the far wider distribution of this fact via Social Media gives even greater cause for concern, and is a far more serious threat to the security of your home.

The solution.  Save your holiday snaps and post them when you return home!