Terms & Conditions

To ensure the security of their home and the health and safety of their pet(s) and the 1-Call personnel involved in providing the services nominated in the Service Agreement our Client agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:

The Client authorises 1-Call to enter their property to execute the services specified in the Service Agreement and will provide appropriate keys and access codes. Where access is not possible, 1-Call will make every endeavour to gain access via the nominated Emergency Contact and may employ the services of a locksmith at the Client’s expense, to achieve access and ensure the wellbeing of their pet(s).

The Client agrees 1-Call is not responsible for the security of their property while they are away, or for any loss or damage resulting from inadequate or failed security measures, or property damage that may occur due to stress their pet suffers in the Client’s absence. The Client acknowledges that 1-Call are not responsible for any injury to any animal (including the Client’s pet(s)) or person or damage to property during or arising out of the provision of services.

The Client accepts responsibility for and fully indemnifies 1-Call for any claim whatsoever arising from the provision of services nominated within the Service Agreement, and testifies to the accuracy and completeness of security and all other information provided by the Client. This information includes pets’ behavioural problems, health and medical information.

If deemed necessary by 1-Call, the Client authorises 1-Call to receive and act upon any veterinary advice or treatment from the Client’s specified vet (or an alternative vet if your specified vet is not available) at the Client’s expense.

The Client acknowledges 1-Call reserves the right to decline their booking, or withdraw its services at any stage, if in the opinion of 1-Call, circumstances exist which may cause a safety risk to 1-Call personnel. If services are withdrawn, the Client acknowledges that once the Client, or their nominated Emergency Contact is notified, responsibility for the care of their home and pet(s) reverts to the Client or their nominated Emergency Contact.

The Client acknowledges their booking with 1-Call is not guaranteed unless payment of 50% of the Estimate is received at least 7 days before the provision of services is scheduled to commence.

Cancellation Fees. If the Client needs to cancel a booking with 1-Call, there is no Cancellation Fee payable. If the cancellation occurs within 7 days of the scheduled start of services being provided, and therefore the Client has paid 50% of the Estimate, a full credit for the amount paid will be available for the Client to use for future 1-Call services, for a period of 12 months from notice of cancellation.