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At 1-Call we understand the degree of trust we need to earn before a prospective Client will allow us to care for their home and possibly their furry family members, while they are relaxing on holidays away.

The process of earning that trust starts by us Getting Acquainted face-to-face. By reading our Privacy Policy you will gain further insight into our thinking.

For the prospective Client, this initial meeting is free of cost and obligation. For us, it is the investment we are willing to make to start to build the relationships we know must exist before we can begin to service your needs.

To allow us to prepare for this Getting Acquainted meeting and to ensure we minimise the time you need to allocate to it, please complete as much of the form below as you are comfortable with. The minimum we require is your Postcode and one means of making contact. We’ll take care of things from there. If you prefer to speak to us straight away call Graeme Smith on 0412 822 233.

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