Our charges are based on a very affordable hourly rate, plus any extra costs incurred on your behalf – for example, if we pay for an unplanned vet visit while you’re away. Because our Area Partners are local residents, there is no charge or allowance for our travel time to your home.

At our Getting Acquainted meeting, once the Services you require are agreed upon, we will provide an Estimate of the hours required during the time you are away. The final cost may vary from this Estimate if, on your behalf, we need to take care of unforeseen circumstances, or unseasonable weather.

We ask for 50% of the Estimate to be paid 7 days before the commencement of your time away, with the balance payable within 7 days of our End of Assignment, when we will return keys, handover mail and present a written report on any important items.

Payment may be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer, which is our preferred method.

No Cancellation Fee. If you have the misfortune to need to cancel your holiday and therefore do not require the booked 1-Call services, we don’t add to your worries by charging a Cancellation Fee. See our Terms and Conditions for more.


If in your opinion you have reasonable cause to be unhappy with any aspect of the Services we have performed while you are away, pay us what you think our work is worth.

Simple and risk free as that!