Every 1-Call Client has a unique lifestyle and therefore a unique list of requirements to ensure they maximise the enjoyment of their time away from home, however there are some common denominators.

Our Clients are typically time-poor due to their busy lifestyles and have the commitment and financial capacity to protect their homes and gardens, and the pets they share their homes with, even when they can’t be there.

Sometimes short term imperatives are the catalyst to engaging 1-Call – temporarily incapacitated due to health issues or working long hours or frequent business travel.

Many of our clients place the highest priority on the love and care of their four-legged furry family members and cannot contemplate a scenario of dog boarding kennels or catteries which includes cages, crowded conditions and a lack of individual attention.

Our Clients appreciate the benefits of their pets staying at home where they are their happiest, with their own bed and toys, their same food and treats, still enjoying their daily walk or snoozing on their favourite window sill. No tummy upsets or eating problems due to a change of diet, no fretting, no concerns with diseases from other dogs and cats.

With everything else that needs to be done both before and immediately after a holiday away, our Clients value not having to find their pets’ vaccination certificates or arrange an update of their pets’ flea control program and especially the task of dropping off and picking up to and from the dog boarding kennels or cattery.

Other Clients present us with different pet care challenges. Their pet choices range from a single budgie to a significant investment in an aviary of exotic feathered family members; or the kitchen goldfish bowl to a wall of tropical fish. Rabbits, guinea pigs – if it’s listed under “P” for pets, we’ll provide the care for it, just as you would if you were home.

Many of our clients are true “empty nesters” and the previous constraint to their enjoyment of their time away from home is horticultural – indoors or outdoors. Whether it is precise watering and feeding requirements for a prized collection of maiden hair ferns or African violets or their outside gardens needing someone to react to the effects of changing weather conditions to their outside gardens our Clients can leave their plants in our care and enjoy the total relaxation that comes from knowing everything at home has been entrusted to capable hands.

Couldn’t all that be done by neighbours, friends or family members?

Our Clients answer with a resounding “NO! – Been there, tried that, doesn’t work”.