Taking care of all your worries about being away from home

with 1 Call

Trust 1 call to think of it


We take care of your pets while you are away.


We can keep your gardens watered.


We maintain the “someone’s home’s look”

Indoor plants

We can water & feed your indoor plants.


We can liaise with scheduled professionals.

Holiday Arrangements, Business Travel, Concierge

Are your holidays away not as relaxing as they should be because you are worried about the care your pets and your garden are receiving? Do you not take your holidays away from home because you are not comfortable with the pet boarding or pet sitting services currently available?

Not keen on the idea of strangers as house sitters? Is the security of your home a concern when you travel on holiday or business?

With 1-Call Holiday Arrangements, local mature-aged residents will take care of all your worries about being away from your home so you can enjoy your travels. All 1-Call personnel have current Police Check clearance and References from local Clients.

Currently seeking Area Partners for the Eastern suburbs, Northern Eastern suburbs, West Lakes, Blackwood, Stirling, and Mt Barker areas.

For the frequent business traveller the opportunity to access the service of 1-Call, perhaps via salary sacrifice, will achieve a very comforting “tick in the box” for home security, transport to and from the airport, pets, garden, someone at home for that important delivery.

1-Call Concierge will walk the dog two or three days a week if you are temporarily incapacitated or working long hours or handle ongoing tasks you need someone else to take care of.

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Looking for a unique present for friend, family or colleague? Why not try a 1-Call Gift Certificate?
Michelle Crichton, Prospect

I have been using Graeme’s dog walker and pet sitter services on a regular basis for a number of years. My Border Collie enjoys her weekly outing

Dianna P., Joslin

I have used Graeme’s service for many years now and have found him to be extraordinarily well organised, reliable, resourceful and accommodating.

Sarah H. from Magill

We have been using Graeme’s cat-and house-minding services for many years and are very grateful indeed to him for his always courteous, caring and

Andrea T. from Hawthorn

Graeme is 100% reliable – which leaves us with complete peace of mind and then does everything we’ve agreed to an extremely high standard

Start Your Encore Career

Are you mature and trustworthy and looking for another source of income?

1-Call has a genuine “ground floor” opportunity which will allow you to take advantage of your experience and life skills and earn an income level which your effort and time commitment will determine.

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